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Snaplog is the simplest and quickest way to blog, upload and share your photos.


At startup, the Snaplog iPhone app is ready to take a photo.

Just tap on the green button to get started.

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During posting you can specify:

  • photo cropping; full frame or square
  • caption
  • tags
  • privacy settings
  • photo effects

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Effects allow you to modify the exposure and saturation values of your photo.

You won't have to worry about proper lighting of your shots anymore. It's fixable with Snaplog!

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After posting you can share your post by email or via twitterific.

Snaplog is available in the iTunes app store now!

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You can modify defaults by going the Snaplog section in your iPhone's

For example, if you find yourself not wanting to share your posts in's feeds, then you can toggle the default setting.

Likewise if you don't want to save your images to the iPhone's Photo Library each time when you post, you can turn it off.